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As many are aware, has received a huge amount of attention from various parties involved in Leeds United Football Club. A byproduct of writing articles that expose companies and persons of interest surrounding the club is, unfortunately, a lot of additional costs. Legal responses are not cheap, and those alone have run almost four figures since the site was first brought online.

What started as a small website designed to write the odd article on Leeds United has turned into a resource used by over forty thousand people on a monthly basis. The site had to be moved to its own dedicated server to avoid monthly overage costs.

All donations will be trackable via our “Thank you wall”. You can opt out of inclusion on the Thank You Wall below.

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We are asking our loyal readers and followers to help us keep online in its fullest capacity. Server bills and legal bills have┬ánow gone into the thousands just in 2015, and it’s something that cannot continue without your help. No matter the size of your donation, it will be greatly welcomed and most humbly appreciated. It will be spent on furthering our investigations into those who run Leeds United Football Club as their personal “hole in the wall”.

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