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Poll: Do you support the Leeds Fans LLP initiative?

In light of recent takeover rumours, we’d like to know if you support the Leeds Fans LLP initiatve

Given the recent takeover rumours, we ran an informal social media survey to gauge the strength of support for the Leeds Fans LLP initiative. After numerous requests by fans, we have made this poll official.

For more information on Leeds Fans LLP, visit the official site.

If you’re undecided, or haven’t heard of Leeds Fans LLP, here’s Leeds United legend and Leeds Fans LLP ambassador Allan Clarke with a brief message:

This poll has ended.

Do you support the Leeds Fans LLP initiative? (One vote per person)



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Simon O'Rourke

A lifelong Leeds United fan, Simon moved to Nova Scotia in 2002. Married for seven years with three children, Simon's first love has always been Leeds United. Simon is the owner of 1919 Media, a website design and development company whose name is a homage to Leeds United.

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